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      wine-rack wood for 36 bottles
      • wine-rack wood for 36 bottles

      wine-rack wood for 36 bottles

      49,99 €
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      Деревянная подставка для бутылок

      Decorative solid wine rack for 36 bottles. Beautiful finish in pinewood. Partly assembled.
      Dimensions: 51cm x 27cm x 120cm (width x depth x height).


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      The 5 rules for ideal wine storage:

      • Stable temperature: preferably between 10 and 12°C. A few degrees more or less is not disastrous; extreme temperatures and changing temperatures, however, must be avoided at all costs.
      • Adapted humidity: the ideal humidity is between 65 and 80%. Too low a humidity dries the cork, resulting in leaking wine. Too high a humidity may lead to mould and affect the labels.
      • Good air circulation is also very important: if there is too little circulation ‘nasty smells’ may arise in your cellar and these may penetrate the wine through the cork.
      • Optimal darkness: important because light, and in particular UV radiation, have a disastrous effect on the ageing of wine through oxidation.
      • Vibration free: so that the wine can mature harmoniously and the molecular structure is not disturbed.

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