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      Freeze-dried bacterial cultures for yogurt 2,5g
      • Freeze-dried bacterial cultures for yogurt 2,5g

      Freeze-dried bacterial cultures for yogurt 2,5g

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      Freeze-dried bacterial cultures for yogurt 2,5g

      Perfectly selected lactic acid bacteria cultures that allow you to quickly make delicious home-made yogurt.

      Thanks to the use of freeze-drying - a special drying method, which is one of the most perfect methods of preserving food, these cultures retain their full potential for a long time. Can also be
      used to acidify cream.

      Preparation of homemade yogurt:

      1) Heat 3 L of low-pasteurized milk to 43°C-44°C;

      2) Pour a small amount into a glass and dissolve approx. 0.3 g of yogurt bacteria in it;

      3) Pour this dose into warm milk and mix thoroughly. Wait about 20 minutes, maintaining the temperature at 43°C-44°C (for the initial activation of bacteria);

      4) Fill clean, scalded containers with milk inoculated with bacteria and seal tightly;

      5) Leave in a warm place, e.g. by a radiator, for several hours (preferably at night);

      6) If you use a yogurt maker, pour the milk inoculated with bacteria into the container of the machine, set the temperature to 45°C and leave for 6-8 hours for the yogurt to ripen. If, after this time, it is still too fluid, prolong puberty;

      7) After the ripening process, put the yogurt in the fridge and store it for consumption - maximum 3-5 days.


      - optimal pH for the proper development of bacterial cultures for yogurt is in the range of 6-7;
      - the longer the ripening time, the more intense the taste of yogurt;
      - Additives such as nuts, muesli or fruit are added to ready-made yogurt, just before consumption.

      In the case of fresh milk "from a cow" it is recommended to perform pasteurization at a temperature of about 65°C for 30 minutes.

      The product is currently unavailable


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