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      Yeast TURBO reVOLTA 72h 108g 19%
      • Yeast TURBO reVOLTA 72h 108g 19%

      Yeast TURBO reVOLTA 72h 108g 19%

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      Yeast TURBO reVOLTA 72h 108g 19%

      Turbo yeast reVOLTa 72h is a mixture of high quality yeast, nutrients and vitamins for fast and clean fermentation. This allows you to get up to 19% alcohol in 3-10 days!

      Instructions for use:

      1) Dissolve the sugar (according to the table) in 6 liters of boiled hot water and mix everything thoroughly

      2) After cooling to 30°C, make up to 25 liters with water at room temperature

      3) Add the contents of the sachet and mix thoroughly

      4) Ferment at 25-28°C for 3-10 days

      Days 3 5 7-10
      Sugar [kg] 6 7 8
      Alcohol [%] 15 17 19

      Ingredients: yeast, potassium phosphate, diammonium phosphate, magnesium sulphate, calcium carbonate, thiamine hydrochloride (vitamin B1)

      Net weight: 108 g

      Note: One package is for 25 liters


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