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      Alcohol turbo yeast Koji MIX Spiritferm Sake 40 g
      • Alcohol turbo yeast Koji MIX Spiritferm Sake 40 g

      Alcohol turbo yeast Koji MIX Spiritferm Sake 40 g

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      Alcohol turbo yeast Koji MIX Spiritferm Sake is ​​a versatile yeast strain used for fermentation of starch, rice, sugar, fruit raw materials.

      Thanks to the mixture used, the yeast ferments the sugar contained in maize, wheat flour or coarse grains or finely ground grains without the need to grind them.

      The yeast works according to the principle of Chinese yeast Kodzi Angel, and it has almost the same properties, thanks to which you can make a Sake drink.

      Fermentation time:

      Sugar and fruit must - 7-9 days

      Hard must - up to 30 days

      Proportions depending on the raw materials used:

      Flour - 6-8 kg, water 20 liters, 1 pack Koji

      Fruit - 7-9 kg, dextrose 3 kg, water 10 liters, 1 pack Koji

      Sugar - 5 kg, water 20-22 liters, 1 pack Koji

      If you use starchy raw materials, do not close the lid tightly during the first 2-3 days of fermentation, as the wort will foam strongly. To reduce foaming on the first day of fermentation, add a few pieces of biscuits to the must in the fermentation tank. Also leave a margin for frothing in the fermentation tank - 20-25% of the tank volume. After about 3 days, when the fermentation process becomes calmer, close the fermentation tank with a lid and install a hydraulic shut-off valve.

      Yeast is able to ferment large amounts of must. Joint fermentation of 10 yeast packs is allowed.

      The product is currently unavailable


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