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      Turbo yeast "Coobra MEGA PACK" 390g (100L 18%)
      • Turbo yeast "Coobra MEGA PACK" 390g (100L 18%)

      Turbo yeast "Coobra MEGA PACK" 390g (100L 18%)

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      Turbo yeast "Coobra MEGA PACK" 390g (100L 18%)

      One package is for 100 liters of must, alcohol content up to 18%, fermentation time (from 5 to 8 days) depends on the temperature and composition of the must.

      Instructions for use:

      1) Dissolve 25 kg of sugar or 28 kg of dextrose in 40 liters of hot water

      2) Stir until all the sugar is completely dissolved

      3) Fill with cool water to a total volume of 100 liters

      4) When the temperature reaches 25°C, add the contents of the sachet and mix

      Optimal fermentation temperature 22°C - 28°C

      Content: Yeast, yeast nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and trace elements.


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