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      Vinistart Complex ? wine starter set 20g
      • Vinistart Complex ? wine starter set 20g

      Vinistart Complex – wine starter set 20g

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      Vinistart Complex is a combination of premium wine yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, carefully selected yeast nutrient with mineral salts and vitamins and pectoenzyme.

      Wine yeast guarantees fast fermentation up to 17% of alcohol and a rich wine bouquet.

      Mineral salts are a valuable source of nitrogen and phosphorus for wine yeast, and vitamins act as a fermentation activator, they also impact the taste and aroma of wine.

      Pectoenzyme breaks down fruit pectins, facilitating juice extraction and also reduces the viscosity of wine, speeding the further process of clarification.

      Instructions for use:

      1) Hydrate the sachet content adding 100-200 ml of water at a room temperature and leave for 15 minutes;

      2) Put crashed fruits in the fermentation container and pour some water (1-2 L for 10 kg of fruit);

      3) Next, add hydrated Vinistart Complex (make sure the fruits are at room temperature);

      4) Add water to reach the desired volume, mix it and leave for fermentation;

      5) Recommended fermentation time in pulp is 1 – 2 weeks. After that time, wring the fruit pomace, and leave the must for further fermentation.

      Ingredients: Wine yeast Saccharomyces. cerevisiae, hydrogen phosphide (V) diammonium, pectinase, B1 vitamin (thiamine hydrochloride), emulsifier: sorbitol monostearate (E491)


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