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      Chemipro OXI 100 g
      • Chemipro OXI 100 g

      Chemipro OXI 100 g

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      Chemipro OXI 100 g

      THE new, no-rinse, environmental friendly cleaner for all light duty cleaning in just one treatment! Active oxygen minimizes contact time and guarantees a hygienic cleaning.

      Dose: 4g/litre hot water Contact time: 2-5 minutes.


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      New packaging CHEMIPRO OXI
      Due to the European ADR-regulations, Chemipro OXI can no longer be sold in 2 kg packagings and more. In consequence, they will no longer be sold at Brouwland. The Chemipro OXI 500 g will also be removed from our stock. From now on, Chemipro OXI will only be available in packagings of 100g and 1kg.


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