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      Klarowin Turbo for 50L of wine
      • Klarowin Turbo for 50L of wine

      Klarowin Turbo for 50L of wine

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      Klarowin Turbo for 50L of wine

      Professional kit for clarifying white and red wines, juices and mashes after distillation. The kit includes silica sol and acidic gelatin (Klarowin2). The ingredients have appropriate certificates approving their use in food industry. A product only for oenology.

      Composition: Silca sol 35ml + gelatin 7g


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      Directions for use:

      1) When fermentation is complete, decant and stir gently to remove residual gas.

      2) Add 7ml of silica sol per every 10L of wine and mix througly.

      3) Then add gelatine dissolved in 50ml of warm water. Gelatin dose: 1,4g (half of teaspoon) per 10L of wine. Mix througly.

      4) Leave the clarified wine at a temperature of 15-20C for 25 hours.

      5) After the wine has fully clarified, decant it.


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