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      Grain scrubber with metal rollers
      • Grain scrubber with metal rollers
      • Grain scrubber with metal rollers

      Grain scrubber with metal rollers

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      Grain mills with stainless steel coils

      Natural malt is used both in brewing beer and in the preparation of distillation must. However, the malt must be crushed before use.

      Crushing facilitates and accelerates the dissolution of extraction substances in the grain. The double roller grain scrubber gently separates the husks and grinds the kernels, preparing the malt for further processing.

      Spacious tank

      The tank is designed for 5 kg of malt. In manual mode, the grain scrubber can shred up to two kilograms of raw material per minute. And when the electric drive is connected in the form of a screwdriver or drill, the shredding speed increases to one hundred kilograms per hour.

      Grinding thickness adjustment

      Thanks to the adjustable rollers, you can easily adjust the grinding thickness. By reducing the distance, you get finely chopped malt for making cereal must. By increasing the gap, you maintain the integrity of the grain shell, which will be used as a filter layer in beer production.

      Durable construction

      All elements of the scrubber are made of stainless steel. The material does not oxidize, is resistant to temperature changes and is widely used in the food industry. The shredder withstands heavy loads and is suitable for intensive use.


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