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      Speidel Fermentation Egg 250L
      • Speidel Fermentation Egg 250L
      • Speidel Fermentation Egg 250L
      • Speidel Fermentation Egg 250L

      Speidel Fermentation Egg 250L

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      Speidel Fermentation Egg 250L

      The organic fermentation in the egg-form is based on the golden ratio without corners and edges. 

      Wine, beer and cider could move fluently during the fermentation and storage. This gentle process guarantees on keeping the completely development of the product. 

      The idea of  fermentation or aging in the egg is just to come back to the ancient methods but with the new materials.

      Already in the ancient times beer has been placed for resting into the egg-formed amphoraes. Recently there were several successful tests for storage wine in the egg-formed fermentation vessels made of concrete. Shortly after Speidel has developed the fermentation egg made of food-safe polyethylene.

      Scope of delivery
      Included in the scope of delivery are lid and socket (without tap and rollsocket).

      Fermentation Egg
      The fermentation egg is appropriate for the fermentation of wine, beer and cider. Fans and devotees of the fermentation egg confirm that the fermentation process runs spontaneous, therefore wine and beer taste more filigree and complex. Check it out and convince yourselves! 

      Our food-safe polyethylenes have high permeability of oxygen. This ensures the evenly influence of oxygen and perfect conditions for the fermentation and maturation. It is very easy to clean the egg because of its smooth surface inside.

      Width 76 cm   
      Height 120 cm


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