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      Dry Gin Flavouring Essence 280 ml
      • Dry Gin Flavouring Essence 280 ml

      Dry Gin Flavouring Essence 280 ml

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      Dry Gin Flavouring Essence 280 ml

      Classic dry gin essence. Its pure aroma and slightly dry taste is dominated by juniper, which is complemented by notes of citrus and exotic spices. The aftertaste is long-lasting, harmonious and with a slight citrus flavor.

      280 ml of essence. Dosage is 20 ml to make a 750 ml bottle of liquor or liqueur. 280 ml makes 14 bottles of 750 ml Dry Gin each. 

      Instructions for making 750 ml of gin:

      1) Pour the 20 ml of essence into a 750ml (US 25 fl oz) bottle

      2) Fill 3/4 full with vodka or distillate and shake until the sugar has dissolved

      3) Top up the bottle and shake until the contents have fully blended

      4) Wait 1 day before drinking


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