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      Brewing kettle "KLASIKA" 50L
      • Brewing kettle "KLASIKA" 50L
      • Brewing kettle "KLASIKA" 50L
      • Brewing kettle "KLASIKA" 50L
      • Brewing kettle "KLASIKA" 50L

      Brewing kettle "KLASIKA" 50L

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      Brewing kettle "KLASIKA" 50L

      The home brewery is designed for the traditional brewing method "All Grain", using grain malt and hops. The sparkling drink, obtained using only the grain method, has a rich hop aroma and spicy bitterness.

      The classic brewery will facilitate the laborious process of sugaring and filtering the wort and will become your loyal assistant in brewing.


      The tank has a built-in scale to determine the level of filled water. A tap is installed at the bottom of the tank, which makes it easier to pour the finished must into the brewing tank. The bimetal thermometer allows you to control the temperature inside the brewery and track temperature interruptions.

      Food grade stainless steel cooler

      The condenser is an immersion device for cooling beer wort. It is a hollow tube with a diameter of 12 mm, twisted in seven turns. The cooler is immersed in a boiling wort, so it is disinfected under high temperature and then connected to the water supply via a silicone tube.

      Must tank and filtration

      The wort tank is designed for 5 kg of malt. The tank is equipped with a filter-mesh bottom for filtering the malt mixture and a perforated lid, which is securely fastened with a steel lock. The tank is mounted on a steel pin and can be easily removed using a removable bracket.

      Even temperature distribution

      The home brewery is made of stainless steel AISI 304. The tank heats evenly, preventing the wort from burning on the underside of the tank. The ferromagnetic bottom allows the home brewing boiler to be used on any heating surface - electric, gas and induction.


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