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      Automatic home brewery "Prague" 50L
      • Automatic home brewery "Prague" 50L
      • Automatic home brewery "Prague" 50L

      Automatic home brewery "Prague" 50L

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      Home brewery "Prague" 50L

      The automatic brewery Prague is a godsend for connoisseurs of a delicious and aromatic hop drink. With it, you can prepare a first-class wort in no time and save up to 40% of your time.

      The brewery does not require special care, does not affect the taste of raw materials and completely eliminates the possibility of malt burning.

      Programmable control unit

      The brewery is equipped with an automatic control unit that recognizes 10 standard and 40 custom work programs. The automatic home brewery independently coordinates the work of the heating element and pump, maintains the temperature regime and withstands temperature pauses. All you need to do is place all the ingredients in the mash tank and set the brewery mode. All given indicators will be displayed on the electronic display.

      Sophisticated cube design

      There is a graduated scale on the inside of the pot to control the liquid level. The design provides for a tap for draining the wort into the fermenter and an electric heating element that maintains the temperature at all stages of brewing. A thermometer integrated into the control unit guarantees correct brewing with wort heating control.

      Mash tank

      The mash tank is designed for 5 kg of malt. The tank is equipped with a mesh raised bottom for filtration of the malt mixture and a perforated lid securely fixed with a steel lamb. Capacity mounts on a steel pin and can be easily removed using a removable bracket.

      Controlled pump

      The Wester WPA 15-12 N pump is designed for continuous liquid circulation. It allows mashing and mixing in the brewery when needed. Pump operation controlled by the control unit in accordance with the specified parameters.

      Elements of appropriate materials

      All structural elements of the brewery are made of chemically inert materials that meet the requirements for food equipment. Metal parts are made of food-grade stainless steel AISI 304, and gaskets are made of silicone, this choice of materials in beer eliminates the presence of foreign odors and tastes.


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