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      deacidifier FBN VINOFERM 100 gr
      • deacidifier FBN VINOFERM 100 gr

      deacidifier FBN VINOFERM 100 gr

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      Compound deacidifier based on calcium carbonate, potassium carbonate and potassium tartrate. Because of its composition, deacidification takes place in a more balanced way than when using a simple deacidifier. This benefits the overall taste of the wine.

      Dose : 10 g / 10 litre reduces the acidity by 1 g / litre.


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      When and how should you use a deacidifier?
      Deacidification is best done as early as possible. Calcium carbonate is the most commonly used deacidifier. A great deal of frothing sometimes occurs on deacidification. You should therefore use a sufficiently roomy barrel/receptacle. Add the necessary quantity of deacidfier to the must, stir for a few minutes and leave to stand for a while. Stir again and once more leave to stand. Repeat this a few times until no more CO2 is formed (no sound of gas). Now leave everything to settle for 12-24 hours. Then siphon off the must/wine, leaving the white layer at the bottom.


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