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Cooperation with retailers and wholesalers


Our company SIA "BIOFERM Baltija" offers a wide range of cooperation opportunities with special conditions for retailers and wholesalers. We will be happy to give you the opportunity to sell our product range in stores and online stores.


Getting started is made easy, because we know the best ways to position our product to attract potential buyers.  We will be happy to share our knowledge and experience with our partners and work together in achieving great goals!.


In case you have no experience in this field, don’t worry! Our specialists will be happy to help you understand beverage manufacturing processes both at home and on an industrial scale.



Here are some reasons why you should be partnering with us as soon as possible:

1)  It is extremely important for us to make working with our product as easy for you as possible. Our goal is to help you sell the product we offer and profit from each unit sold. That is why we offer the most convenient conditions for cooperation;

2)  We have the widest range of equipment and top-quality components and we are ready to offer them to you at the best wholesale prices;

3) Ready marketing design;

4) We will supply  you with a detailed description of each product, including advantages, pictures, as well as other useful information about the properties of the ingredients used in products;

5) Free advice from our highly professional, enthusiastic and experienced colleagues. Our expertise reaches from home-made to factory-made beverages and industrial production of drinks.




Large-scale alcohol production


In collaboration with our highly qualified partners from Western European countries, we will help you organize the production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages on an industrial scale.


Project development ABC:

- Development of the recipe and technology;

- Calculation of the required amount of equipment;

- Development of the production project;

- Equipment of all necessary equipment;

- Delivery of the necessary and high-quality components;

- Help with doining all the necessary permits and certificates;

- Staff training;

- Visual design (label design, packaging, corks, etc.);

- Finished product sales opportunities / options.



We are looking forward to new offers and ready to put in every effort to make working with us as comfortable as possible.


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