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      Casing with seasoning – spicy 2 pcs.

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      Casing with seasoning – spicy 2 pcs.

      A novelty on the market – no more struggling to cover hams, pates, cheeses, fish, and vegetarian dishes uniformly with seasoning. This casing will do it for you!

      Perfect for a pressure ham cooker – the non-woven material that holds the seasoning fits perfectly into a pressure ham cooker with capacity of 1.5 kg! However, you can also use it for preparing both roasted and smoked food.

      A wonderful taste and aroma of the whole dish – thanks to the seasoning being distributed uniformly on the non-woven you do not need to worry that the flavour of your dish will be inconsistent!

      No bags needed! - the casing separates the content from the metal walls of the pressure ham cooker, thanks to which it is not necessary to use any special bags.

      The product is suitable for scalding (up to the temperature of 88°C), roasting, and smoking (up to 180°C - on condition of ensuring that the casing adheres tightly to the content). 

      A packaging includes 2 casings suitable for a pressure ham cooker with capacity of 1.5 kg.

      Ingredients: black pepper (35,2%), coriander, onion, garlic, bell pepper, chilli pepper, allspice, caraway, modified starch, humectant: glycerine, thickener: carboxymethylcellulose sodium salt.

      Size: 12.5cm x 0.5cm x 21.7cm

      May contain mustard seeds.

      Store in a dry and cool place.

      The casing should not be wetted before use.


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