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      Sausais alus raugs SAFLAGER
      • Sausais alus raugs SAFLAGER

      Dried brewing yeast SAFLAGER S-23 11.5g

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      The first real Saccharomyces Carlsbergensis in dried form for lager and Pilsner beers ! Selected by VHB Berlin. Delivers fruity and ester-rich Lagers.  Also suitable for stronger beers up to 22° Plato!


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      Sedimentation: high

      Final Density: medium

      Fermentation temperature: 9 - 15 °C (ideal = 12°C)

      Dosage: 8 - 12 g / 10 l; to be increased to 20-30g / 10 l when fermenting under 12°C


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