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      Malostop VINOFERM 25 gr
      • Malostop VINOFERM 25 gr

      Malostop VINOFERM 25 gr

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      Pure and natural Lysozyme preparation to prevent a malolactic fermentation. Can be used for both red and white wines. Also usable with higher pH-values. Can be used to dimi-nish the quantity of SO2 added while bottling.


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      Dosage :

      • To postpone the malolactic fermentation : 1 - 2 g / 10 litres will postpone for 10 - 14 days.
      • To stop a malolactic fermentation in progress : 2 g / 10 litres.
      • To prevent a malolactic fermentation completely : 3 - 5 g / 10 litres.


      Procedure : Dissolve Malostop in 5 x its weight in water of 20 °C, without shaking. Stir gently. Let it rest for 1 hour, stir gently again and add to the must/wine while mixing thoroughly. Leave to react for 24 hours before adding any other additives.


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