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      calibration solution for pH 4.01 100ml
      • calibration solution for pH 4.01 100ml

      Calibration solution for pH 4.01 100ml

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      For regular calibration of electronic pH-meters. Content per bottle: 100 ml.


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      What is pH?
      pH is the measurement of the concentration of free hydrogen ions in a liquid. The pH of pure water is 7. Liquids having a larger concentration of hydrogen ions than water are acid and have a pH-value of less than 7. Liquids with a lower concentration of hydrogen ions, on the other hand, are base and have a pH value higher than 7. The pH scale runs from 1 to 14.

      Maintaining a pH-meter
      Your pH-meter is a precision instrument. Proper use and appropriate maintenance are important if you are to enjoy it for a long time. Here are some things to look out for:

      • When you buy it the electrode is usually dried out. Start by letting it soak in the storage solution for 4 hours. Also fill the cap that slides over the electrode with the same storage solution after use. In this way your electrode will keep on working properly for much longer.
      • To take a measurement the pH meter must first be calibrated. The buffer solution can be used to do this. If the pH meter can only be calibrated at 1 point, use the buffer solution that is closest to your normal readings.
      • During calibration watch out that no ‘contamination’ of the buffer solution occurs – so never stick the electrode directly into the bottle, but instead pour a small quantity into a separate beaker and take the measurement in that. After calibration, pour the used beaker away and do not return the liquid back into the bottle!
      • You should preferably never touch the electrode – certainly not with your fingers. If you want to clean the electrode, do so only with a soft cloth without rubbing.

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