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YEAST "COOBRA RUM" 72g (25L 15%) View larger

YEAST "COOBRA RUM" 72g (25L 15%)


YEAST "COOBRA RUM" 72g (25L 15%)

COOBRA ROM - a unique aromatic yeast used by many factories around the world. 

One packet is enough for25L of wort, content of 15% alcohol, the fermentation time depends on the temperature and composition of the wort from 5 to 8 days.

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Used for the fermentation of molasses and unrefined cane sugar or molasses and glucose.

Yeast Coobra ROM can also be successfully used to ferment the wort without molasses. In this case, the recommended amount is 6 kg of white sugar or 6.5 kg of glucose.