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Dried wine yeast MAURIVIN ELEGANCE 500g View larger

Dried wine yeast MAURIVIN ELEGANCE 500g


Known for its ability to ferment at cooler temperatures and impart fragrant, perfume-like aromas to the wine. This strain has the capacity to express high beta-glucosidase activity, resulting in the release of fruity varietal aromas of terpene origin. Popular for varietal white wines such as Semillon, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.

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Rate of fermentation 

Elegance displays a short lag phase and a medium, steady fermentation rate at cooler temperatures of 10-18 ºC. The fermentation rate of Elegance is more vigorous at warmer temperatures of 20-30 °C.

Alcohol tolerance

Elegance has an alcohol tolerance of 14-15 % vol.

The Maurivin™ yeast range is known for its high quality, purity and efficiency and is chosen worldwide by winemakers for its ability to produce quality wines. The following strains were selected based on strict output criteria and their ability to adjust to modern winemaking techniques. Each strain has its own specific fermenting ability, a contribution for each wine type and the recommended grape varieties.