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Dried wine yeast MAURIVIN CRU-BLANC 500g View larger

Dried wine yeast MAURIVIN CRU-BLANC 500g


Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain of medium vigour, noted for its ability to enhance mouth-feel, particularly for barrel fermented Chardonnay matured on yeast lees. Cru-Blanc is a relatively high producer of glycerol. This strain can also contribute fruity aromas during fermentation such as tropical fruit, pear and grapefruit.

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Malolactic fermentation by lactic acid bacteria proceeds well following alcoholic fermentation by this yeast.


Rate of fermentation

At warmer temperatures of 20-30 °C Cru-Blanc has a short lag phase followed by a strong fermentation rate. At lower temperatures of 15-18 °C this strain displays a medium, steady fermentation rate. To ensure complete fermentation of barrel fermented Chardonnay a minimum temperature of 15 °C is recommended when using this yeast.

Alcohol tolerance

Cru-Blanc displays good alcohol tolerance of up to 14 % vol.



The Maurivin™ yeast range is known for its high quality, purity and efficiency and is chosen worldwide by winemakers for its ability to produce quality wines. The following strains were selected based on strict output criteria and their ability to adjust to modern winemaking techniques. Each strain has its own specific fermenting ability, a contribution for each wine type and the recommended grape varieties.