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Dried wine yeast MAURIVIN AWRI350 500g View larger

Dried wine yeast MAURIVIN AWRI350 500g


A medium vigour, highly flocculating yeast that produces aromatic esters often described as tropical or sweet fruit. Popular for varietal white wines such as Gewürztraminer, Muscat and naturally sweet wines produced from arrested fermentations. Also used for red wines when there’s a need for a slower fermentation rate to increase grape skin contact time.

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Rate of fermentation:

AWRI 350 is a moderate fermenter at warmer temperatures (20-30 °C) with a short lag time. Low fermentation temperatures (10-15 °C) are not suitable for this strain due to its inherent flocculating characteristics.

Alcohol tolerance:

AWRI 350 displays moderate alcohol tolerance in the range of  12-13 % vol



The Maurivin™ yeast range is known for its high quality, purity and efficiency and is chosen worldwide by winemakers for its ability to produce quality wines. The following strains were selected based on strict output criteria and their ability to adjust to modern winemaking techniques. Each strain has its own specific fermenting ability, a contribution for each wine type and the recommended grape varieties.