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Glucoamylase - 4 g


Glucoamylase - the saccharifying enzyme. It is used to prepare a mash from the ground rye, wheat, corn, rice, etc.

Directions for use:

1) Heat up water up to temperature of 85°C-95°C;

2) Add the ground malt from the chosen cereal in proportion: 1 kg of ground malt per 3-4 L of water;

3) Mix thoroughly, after 15-30 minutes add Alpha Amylase enzyme using 0.9 g per 1 kg of ground malt;

4) Maintain temperature of the mixture as 95°C for 1 hour, while mixing constantly;

5) The solution should have pH 4.0-4.5. After that, allow the mash to cool to temperature of 60°C and add the glucoamylase using 1.1 g per 1 kg of ground malt to decompose into simple sugars;

6) Maintain temperature of the mixture for 1.5 hour. The saccharification level should be about 15°Blg;

7) Cool the solution to 30°C;

8) Add the sachet of distilling yeast, then, the prepared mash shall be subject to fermentation for the period of 3-7 days according to the instruction given on the yeast package

9) In case of foam quantity emission, we recommend to add the Froth Breaker

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