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kieselsol clarifier VINOFERM 100 ml View larger

kieselsol clarifier VINOFERM 100 ml


Especially for clarification of wine, juices, ... It is most commonly used in combination with liquid gelatine (1 ml kieselsol + 1 ml gelatine, to be added separately !) which results in a very fast action with little precipitation.
Dose : 2.5 - 5 ml / 10 l.

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How do I know what fining agent to use?
One of the most convenient methods and still one of the best is trial and error: take a number of samples from the wine to be fined and put them in test-tubes. Add a few ml or grams of a different fining agent to each test-tube. Another test-tube of wine/juice with pectoenzyme and one with alpha-amylase (in starch-rich fruit) are helpful. Leave to clear for a few hours and you will see immediately which fining agent gives the best result!