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Nacalit Erbslöh 1kg View larger

Nacalit Erbslöh 1kg


A low-iron sodium-calcium bentonite for protein stabilisation, tannin reduction and fining. Particularly suitable for wines or musts with a high pH value and low acidity. Also suitable for pre-clarification or after pulp fermentation since Nacalit flocculates.

Dosage: 50-100 g/100 l wine.

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How do you add bentonite?
In order to maximise its effect, bentonite must always be allowed to wake up: dissolve the quantity of bentonite required in 3 to 5 times its own volume of water, stirring gently. Then leave to swell for 6-12 hours! Pour off the excess water and dilute once again with a little of the wine to be fined. Stir well and finally mix the bentonite solution thoroughly with the entire quantity of must/wine to be fined.