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15L demijohn Ø40mm


15L demijohn Ø40mm

15 liter demijohn for fermentation of wine, beer, cider etc, as well as for storing various beverages. The base cylinder is protected by a removable plastic sheath

If the carrier does not offer glass insurance to a particular country, we are not responsible for glass safety

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Suitable for demijohn:
* Rubber outer tube,
* Rubber inner tube,
* Rubber cap with a hole

Demijohn with a narrow neck for fermentation of wine, beer, kvass, cider and other drinks, as well as for storage of wine, beer, kvass, cider, honey, alcohol, etc. Sheath - plastic, removable for easier cleaning demijohn for better protection and to prevent breakage.

The advantage of this demijohn is the high strength of the glass, and the ability to follow the process of fermentation or storage.

Important: Please note that the demijohn must be filled only by three quarters.