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Refractometer for sugar & alcohol REF2


The lightweight portable REF2 refractometer is a precise optical instrument which enables direct scale read-out of the following: sugar concentration (max. range: 0-40%) in fruit juice, must, stum and brewer's wort., potential alcohol content (max. range: 0-25%) in a wine or beer batch.

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The operating principle of the instrument consists in determination of the refractive index variations by using the prism and in relation to the sugar content in liquids. The advantage of the refractometer is that the measurement can be performed with just a few drops of the analyzed liquids, i.e. juice squeezed out of a single grape. The fruit juice can also be applied directly on the refractometer prism. The REF2 refractometer is equipped in the ATC function (automatic temperature compensation), has a high precision of measurement and provides accurate results.