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Distiller and pressure cooker 2 in 1 (12 L) View larger

Distiller and pressure cooker 2 in 1 (12 L)


Universal device with distiller and the pressure cooker function, 12 L capacity.

Ensures clean destillation and quick cooking with saving time and leached substances reduction.

It used to destillation of water and other chemicals. It can also be used as a pressure cooker in the kitchen.

The kit includes:

1) Distiller (cooler)

2) Pressure cooker (tank)

3) The hose to the drain and water supply

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85,00 €

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Distillation apparatus radiator coil tube with a diameter of 8mm and length of 2m

Material: stainless steel acid resistant.

Pressure cooker: a sealed pot, during cooking pressure increases and it causes cooking process acceleration, the bottom of the vessel rapidly charge has the least amount of energy that is distributed evenly over the entire surface of the bottom, accelerating the cooking process, save energy and reduces the quantity of the substance leached out of foods, material : stainless steel, it is suitable for gas, electric, ceramic and induction cookers.

Working pressure: 0.6 BAR

Working valve opening pressure: 0.6 BAR

Safety valve opening pressure: 1.1 BAR 

The minimum permissible filling: 0.5L, for the purpose of distillation 2L