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Dried brewing yeast Mauribrew LAGER 497 500g


Mauribrew LAGER
Lager yeast strain (Y 497). The strain has low oxygen requirements through fermentation. Forms no yeast head throughout fermentation. Temperature range: 15° - 30°C. Very good natural setting properties and results in a green beer of good clarity and compacted yeast deposit.

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Dose: 25 – 50g per 1hl (5 to 10 10 6 viable cells per ml)
Use: rehydrate the yeast by slowly sprinkling it into 5 to 10 times its weight of clean water between 37 to 40°C. Allow to stand for 15 minutes (maximum 30 minutes). Then adjust the temperature within 5°C of the wort to be inoculated by adding wort to the yeast and water solution. For best results the wort should be 15°C or higher.