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Decorative Glass Gallon Jug 4 L - blue View larger

Decorative Glass Gallon Jug 4 L - blue


Decorative Glass Gallon Jug 4 L - blue

Size: 20cm x 20cm x 32cm

A decorative gallon jug made of high quality glass is a must-have for each alcohol connoisseur and DIY enthusiast.

The glass beautifully reflects natural light, delightfully shines under artificial lighting and adds a touch of splendour when combined with stylish ornaments. The gallon comes with a stopper made of natural cork. The contrast between both colours makes them perfectly complement one another. Its comfortable glass handles are outstanding both as an integral ornament and for holding the vessel, both empty and full.

If the carrier does not offer glass insurance to a particular country, we are not responsible for glass safety

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Instructions for use:

The carboys must not be filled with hot liquids, washed in hot water or subjected to rapid temperature changes (transfer from cold to warm ambient) since too high temperature might cause damage to
the glass. It is recommended to wash the carboys in lukewarm water with disinfection means added.: