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    Yeast nutrient - mineral will be used to accelerate the development of wine yeast   Dosage: 7g for 25L

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    Enzymes for distillation 4.2g for 5kg grain

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    Yeast nutrient - with nitrogen, phosphorus, vitamin B1 and dextrin.

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  • 2,50 €

    Turbo Potato Yeast per 25 L - 25 g High-alcohol distillery yeast and nutrients for the fermentation of potato bases. Quick and pure fermentation (6-9 days), 13-15% of alcohol and a characteristic taste of home made potato vodka! It is good to aim for a classic distillate of own production which will emphasise the exceptional character of feasting and...

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  • 3,20 €

    Turbo Yeast AromaXL 200 Turbo To make 25L: Mix hot and cold tap water up to 23L so you achieve 20°C liquid temperature. Add 6 kg of sugar, stir until completely dissolved and then add sachet content. Ready in 2-4 days. To make more than 25L: scale up above recipe, max 200L (8 sachets). Ambient temperature best below 25°C but may work at higher....

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  • 3,50 €

    Yeast Alcotec Re-Start This yeast strain is especially chosen for its ability to be added straight to a brew with some alcohol already present. It will handle up to 7-8% alcohol without any starter culture required. Use when a brew either doesn't start as it should, or sticks before it is finished.

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  • 3,50 €

    GULD TURBO 6 KG Sastāvs: raugs; rauga sāls, minerālvielas, vitamīni, enzīmi. Neto masa:130g. SPEC. CENA (skaits) 50-99 100-199 200-… 3,13€* 2,92€* 2,56€* *akcija

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  • 3,50 €

    Turbo Yeast AromaXL T3 To make 25L: first add 21L of water 30°C to your fermenter. Then add 6-7kg of sugar, mix well until fully dissolved. Finally add contents of this sachet. Leave to ferment at 20°C-30°C, best is 25°C. Ready in 3 days! Ingredients: Yeast, nutrient, vitamins and trace minerals.

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  • 3,50 €

    Yeast TURBO GROM 72h for 25L, 19%, 120g

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    Fruit Schnapps Yeast that ferments to 18% in a 25 liter batch. High flavor yeast that extracts the taste from the fruit. With micro nutrients, minerals, and vitamins for fermentation of fruit based mash. Optimum room temperature 17-21C. Contains 30 gram for slow fermentation to get maximum fruit flavor in the schnapps.

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  • 4,00 €

    Black Bull Turbo Yeast 14-18% Will ferment 6kg sugar to 15% alcohol and 8kg sugar to 18% alcohol in 25 liters total volume. Instructions for 25 liters: 1) Dissolve 6-8kg of sugar into 6 liters of hot or boiling water. Make sure the sugar has completely dissolved before continuing; 2) Top up to final 25L volume with cold water, continue to stir until...

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Showing 1 - 12 of 31 items