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  • 19,92 €

    Grater with practical suction pad. For fine grating of nuts, hard cheese, chocolate, etc. High quality plastic with stainless steel cutting drum.

    19,92 €
  • 75,50 €

    The cast-iron mill for malt Suitable for milling cereals and other seeds Mode to adjust the grind Output: 30 kg / hour

    75,50 €
  • 780,00 €

    The Apple and Pear Mill shreds the fruit in an optimum manner; not too coarse, not too fine exactly the right size of cut to guarantee you the highest possible juice yield when fruit juicing (without fruit pulp in the juice) and speedy fermentation when mashing.Simple to operateThe Apple and Pear Mill can be plugged into a normal 230 V shockproof socket.

    780,00 €
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items